Maurice Takeda | 818-458-1176 
Working Towards B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering 
University of Colorado Boulder 
Graduation Date: May 2022              
GPA: 3.91, Recipient of Chancellor’s Achievement Scholarship 
Technical Skills
Experience with microcontroller software and hardware [MSP432401R, Arduino], FPGA [DE10-Lite Board], Soldering, C programming, Verilog, Python, MATLAB, SPICE simulation software, PCB Design [Autodesk EAGLE], Lab Equipment [Oscilloscope, Multimeter, Power Supply]   

Work History
BOLD Center Tutor | University of Colorado, Boulder | Boulder, CO | September 2019 – Present 
• Provide drop-in tutoring for STEM students at the University of Colorado, Boulder 
• Assist students with academic development in core engineering classes such as calculus, physics, and programming 
Part-Time Intern | Atlas World USA, Inc. | Pasadena, CA | May 2019 - July 2019 
• Installed and setup the inventory management software called “Fishbowl” on the company’s computers, creating a more accurate and efficient way for the business to track inventory  
• Taught coworkers how to use the inventory management software and assisted in their transition from manual to automated inventory management 
• Assisted in the writing of blog posts on health for the company’s website, in order to attract more customers to the site and inform the general public about certain health topics. 
Food Production | International Desserts, Inc. | Vernon, CA | June 2015 - August 2015 
• Worked in an assembly-line style food processing facility, packaging the company’s vegan cookies to be shipped to national retailers 
• Communicated with my coworkers and manager, in order to efficiently and accurately fulfill our customer’s orders 
Snake Game Using Matrix LED Display 
• Worked in a small team to design and build the game “Snake” using a matrix LED panel as the display, and the ARM Cortex M4 as the microcontroller for our system 
• Utilized UART, I2C, and ADC channels within our design 
• Designed a custom PCB using Autodesk Eagle, and incorporated the PCB within the project 
• Wrote the firmware for the project in C, using Texas Instruments’ Code Composer Studio 
Sudoku Generator and Solver 
• Built an interactive Sudoku generator and solver using python and the z3 API. 
• Used the Visual Studio Code IDE to compile and run the project 
HG Speaker 
• Worked in a small team to build a hand-motion controlled speaker using an Arduino, IR sensors, ultrasonic rangefinder, and logitech speakers 
• Users were able to skip, pause/play, and adjust the volume of songs using simple hand gestures